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đŸ¶đŸ˜șAll-natural, herbal skin and coat tonic for dogs and cats đŸŸ 👉View Here >>>  #4apet #itsapetlife #lovepets #naturalpetsremedy - 4aPet

đŸ¶đŸ˜șAll-natural, herbal skin and coat tonic for dogs and cats đŸŸ

Dog Skin and Coat Supplement

Gives your pet's fur a radiant glow! Feelgood Pets Skin & Coat Tonic is an all-natural, herbal skin and coat tonic for dogs and cats. A herbal health tonic for cats and dogs; formulated to promote healthy skin and a beautiful shiny coat. Find all-natural pet remedies to help your pets achieve optimal coat and skin health from 4aPet.

đŸ¶đŸ˜șAll-natural, herbal skin and coat tonic for dogs and cats đŸŸ

Your pet's skin and coat play vital roles in their health; they functions as an important part of the immune system and are critical to maintaining proper hydration. The basic functions are protection,  immunity, thermoregulation, hydration and nutrient storage. Maintaining healthy skin and coat is critical to the wellbeing of our dogs and cats.

How can I improve my dogs skin and coat?

Nothing affects the condition of your pet's coat more than his food. Diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals play an essential part in caring for your pet's skin and coat. A lot can be done to produce healthy shiny coats!

  • Nutrition is very important. Your pet should follow a diet with 20% protein (25% for active dogs). An animal’s diet should also contain essential fatty acids or Omega 3. Feeding your dog a healthy diet year round can help your dog enter into the winter months with healthy skin and a nourished coat.
  • Don’t over bathe your pet – as this can result in allergies, dry skin and brittle, dry hair. Most animals have natural oils in their coat that get stripped away when you over wash.
  • Gentle brushing should be done regularly, but never brush against the hair growth. If you are going to brush sensitive areas like the face, ears, belly or genital areas – use a grooming glove or soft cloth. If you encounter a knot or bur, hold tightly between the bur and your pet’s body, so as not to cause pain. If it needs to be cut, use blunt scissors, and point the scissors away from your pet’s skin. Proper grooming can help keep your pet's skin and coat in good shape
  • Do not use human beauty products on your pet (such as skin lotions or human shampoo!). These products can harm your pet and even lead to chemical toxicity.
  • Flea control is very important, especially in dogs & cats with a flea allergy - as even one flea can cause a problem!
  • To keep everyone comfortable, both pets and people, avoid as much as possible using room deodorizers, scents, or carpet and furniture cleaning products, as these products can be hazardous to sensitive skin.
  • Lastly, just a simple massage with your hands (no oils) can help to improve circulation and coat health – just remember to be firm, but not rough!
Shop a range of natural and herbal remedies for dog and cat from 4aPet.

Maintaining a good coat of hair can help improve our pets’ health and wellbeing. Buy Feelgood Pets Skin & Coat Tonic


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