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Chewing stuff seems to be dogs’ favourite pastime (after running around and eating, of course). Basically, they do it a lot—and for good reason. Like human babies, puppies need to chew on things while they are teething to alleviate gum pain and bolster incoming teeth. Ageing dogs also benefit from regularly chomping down because it strengthens their jaws. At a loss for chew toys that can withstand all that biting? Fear not, and keep reading for some of the strongest toys available.

Infinity Dog Toys TPR Chew and Tug Rope Toy

If your super-chewer loves playing tug-of-war with you, this is the perfect toy. Made from durable rubber, it will hold its shape and is easy to clean. There’s even a hole in the middle where you can hide a treat and keep your doggo busy as he tries to get it out. 
Nylabone Power Chew Dura Chew Dog Toy

Available in delicious flavours like bacon, beef and peanut butter, this bone-shaped chew toy satisfies both the instinct to chomp down and the drive to rip apart some meat (or peanut butter, apparently). It falls on the “Extreme” end of Nylabone’s chewing style scale, which means a lot of teeth can sink into this thing over time.
Hyper Pet Crazy Crew Dog Toy: Punky Ballster

This toy looks almost as intimidating as it is durable. It’s the strongest option in Hyper Pet’s Crazy Crew toyline (including characters like Haniball and Deploraball). Due to its irregular shape, the ball bounces in wild directions, keeping your dog on her toes. You can also stuff treats inside, giving her some extra mental stimulation. Best of all? The natural rubber material is ultra-durable so even the toughest jaws will have extended fun.
Deerhorn by Petstages Deer Antler Replacement Dog Chew Toy

In case you haven’t gotten the memo, real bones are a big no-no for dogs. They can splinter and cause damage to the mouth and gums, not to mention the throat if your dog accidentally swallows a shard. Instead, toss one of these faux deer antlers her way. Splintering is not a concern with this toy and your dog will actually scrub plaque off her teeth during chew time. 
goDog Dinos T-Rex Just for Me with Chew Guard Technology Durable Plush Squeaker Dog Toy

Plush toys typically aren’t great for heavy, avid chewers. Canines tend to, um, destroy plush toys completely in a matter of minutes. However, this dinosaur is reinforced with Chew Guard Technology (a specialized lining that makes ripping through to the centre of the toy much more difficult). If your dog loves to chew but prefers soft toys or has dental pain, this is a great option.


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