9 tips on caring for your new puppy

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Give your new puppy the best start possible with these tips!

  1. Never adopt a pup before it’s eight weeks old, and avoid puppy mills!
  2. Puppy-proof your home: get on your hands and knees and look for chewables and hazards.
  3. Install baby gates for areas you don’t want your pup getting into.
  4. Never use your new puppy’s name in a negative way, for example, when they’re in trouble. Use their name in positive context to help reinforce good behaviour.
  5. Buy suitable toys: durable ones like Kongs, sterile bones, squeaky toys, pressed/rolled hide are great! Never allow the puppy to play with shoes or children’s toys.
  6. Take the time to properly potty train your pup. A general rule of thumb is to take your pup’s age in months plus one to determine how often he’ll need a potty break outside. If he’s two months old he’ll need three hours between each potty break.
  7. Be sure to show him love and affection daily.
  8. Correct bad behaviour when it happens. Don’t allow him to jump on visitors. When he does, correct him by placing all four paws on the ground. Reward him when he responds.
  9. Enrol him in puppy training classes from 12 weeks of age and make an effort to socialise him with regular visits to the park.

SOURCE: https://www.yourfamily.co.za/


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