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a puppy sniffing a silver wrapped present with a bow.

A 4aPet gift guide for your precious fur friend

We believe our fur-friends deserve the best. 4aPet has a range of awesome goodies for those who are crazy about their dogs!

Show your #1 fur-pal how much you adore them!

We believe our fur-friends deserve the best. 4aPet has a range of awesome goodies for those who are crazy about their dogs!

Dog Superman Tracksuit

Superman tracksuit for dogs in black.

Made from fleece tracksuit material, this Dog Superman Tracksuit is super soft and will keep your fur companion not only warm in winter but stylish too. This jumpsuit will bring out their fun and playful nature and the bright superman logo will certainly not go unnoticed when you're out for a walk. Read More 

LED Pet Ball

LED pet ball in packaging.

This motion-activated LED Pet Ball is a great interactive dog toy that will keep your pet playful and engaged for hours even when the sun goes down. Whether it's playing outdoors in the park or indoors, you're sure to have a good time with your dog. Read more

Dog Tennis Balls (2pc)

Tennis balls for pets.

Perfectly sized for all-sized dogs, these Dog Tennis Balls are a fun, safe choice for your pooch to play with while exercising or training. The bright colours provide improved visibility making it easy to locate in bushes, leaves, and grass. This ball also floats, so that it won’t get lost in the water. Read More

Vondi's Health Biscuits

Vondi's pet health biscuits.

Treat you pet with the Healthy Biscuit range from Vondi's. Both organic and yummy, these treats provide your pet with a wide variety of health benefits. Available in assorted flavours for specific health benefits. Read More

Assorted Pet Beds 

A black and white dog on a leopard print pet bed.

Your pet needs a warm comfortable bed to stay snug as a bug during their daily power nap or night time rest. 4aPet has a range that will enhance your pooch's nap requirements. Read More



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