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Thanks to the proliferation of dog strollers, your canine pal can join you in the fresh air without having to lift a paw.

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If your dog is elderly, has lost some mobility, or is recuperating from surgery or ailment, he might have trouble getting around. And if you have a breed of tiny stature, like the Papillon or Shih Tzu, or one that has difficulty in extreme weather, like the Bulldog or Pug, you may think you’ll have to give up long walks or outings. Thanks to the proliferation of dog strollers, your canine pal can join you in the fresh air without having to lift a paw.

Who Needs a Dog Stroller?

Many dogs may need a stroller for a broad range of reasons.

  • Senior dogs that simply can’t keep up with their humans or with other pets.
  • Brachycephalic breeds that don’t do well in hot weather. Think Pekingese, Boston Terriers, Bullmastiff, and others.
  • Puppies that may get tired on walks.
  • Small dogs that may get underfoot in a crowd, for example at a farmers’ market or street fair.
  • Recuperating dogs on “crate rest” after surgery.
  • Dogs with an illness or injury.

Choosing the Right Dog Stroller

Consider the size of your dog and how you plan to use the stroller.

  • Are you in an urban area with smooth sidewalks and easy street crossings? A light, portable stroller will probably work fine.
  • Do you have to maneuver country roads or plan to take your dog on your favourite jogging trails? Choose a dog stroller meant for use on rough terrain.
  • Do you usually walk alone with your dog? Choose a stroller that folds and unfolds easily, so you’re not fumbling around.
  • Are you especially handy? Don’t let assembly requirements deter you.
  • Are you on a budget?

Get Your Dog Used to the Stroller

Once your dog is used to his new transportation, it will be a fine way to have him join you on public outings.

  • Place your dog in the stroller. You may have to reward him with treats.
  • Make sure the dog is secured, either with built-in leash clips or by holding the leash.
  • Start slowly and gradually, even if it means moving only a foot or two.
  • Increase the distance little by little, as well as distractions in the environment.

Here are some top picks.

Easy-to-use Pet Stroller

Pet Gear: Happy Trails Lite No-Zip Dog Stroller

With Velcro closures, there’s no fussing with zippers to open and close the mesh screen. There’s an adjustable canopy and elevated paw rest so your dog can enjoy all the sights and sounds. A happy customer notes that this stroller kept her dog securely inside; “It’s literally like having a kennel on wheels.” It has a 25-pound capacity, and one buyer noted that it’s not a jogger and the lighter the dog, the harder it is to keep up a quick pace. But all seem to agree on the ease of use, the roomy storage and the how well this stroller maneuvers.

Most Versatile Dog Stroller/Carrier

Snoozer: Roll Around Travel Dog Carrier Backpack 

This versatile stroller can be used as a car seat, dog bed, or backpack, and as a rolling dog carrier. It has zippered side pockets for carrying essentials and is ideal for travel. Even better, it’s an approved airline carrier. Customers like how easily the bottom piece comes off for under-seat storage. The mesh sides give your dog plenty of fresh air, and the leash inside keeps him secure when the top is open. This dog carrier is offered in two sizes: medium (capacity up to 15 pounds) and large (capacity up to 30 pounds).

Dog Stroller You Can Open with One Hand

 Paws & Pals: 3 Wheeler Pet Stroller

This three-wheeled dog stroller is stable and sturdy, with convenience and safety features, including rear security brakes, a seat belt leash, retractable hood, cup holders, and mesh windows. Several verified buyers love how easy it is to open and close, even with one hand. Customers mention the sturdiness, saying they use it on difficult terrains and long hikes, as well as for jogging and city walks. Some also mention that the assembly is a bit difficult, so if you’re not a DIY-er, you may want someone handy to help. This stroller will hold a dog up to 50 pounds.

Best Dog Stroller for the Adventurous

Best Choice Products: 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer

If you love to take your dog on adventures, this is a great choice. The full suspension system and sturdy steel frame provide maximum stability. It has a universal bike hitch and converts to a stroller without the need for tools. It also includes thoughtful features like water-resistant material, a removable cushion, a hand brake, a safety flag, and reflectors for visibility in low light and traffic. If customers have any complaints, it’s the poorly written instructions. But, once they got past this, buyers like how sturdy and stable this stroller is. Capacity is 66 pounds.

Stroller for Large Dogs

PetGear:  Excursion NO-ZIP Pet Stroller

So many pet strollers are designed for small dogs, but this stroller holds dogs up to100 pounds! It has two entries, back, and front, so you won’t have to lift your dog into the carrier. Like other Pet Gear strollers, the entries open and close with a clip, so you’re not fumbling with zippers. Customers say a favorite feature is the adjustable handle height, which makes walks easier on you. They also like the smooth ride and easy assembly.

Budget-friendly Dog Stroller

Vivo: 3-Wheel Pet Stroller

The 3-wheel design of this stroller makes for a smooth, safe ride. Mesh front and rear windows give your dog ventilation and views, and you can collapse the top to make a larger opening. Your dog will appreciate the padded interior bottom, a relatively uncommon feature in dog strollers. You’ll appreciate the storage basket and dual cup holders. Some buyers wish the wheels were heavier and made of a sturdier material than plastic and say it’s best suited for sidewalks or streets. The majority of happy customers really like the quality for the price. This dog stroller holds dogs up to 30 pounds.

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