Dogs make loving companions

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ogs make loving companions. They are friendly creatures and are favourite pets of children. It will always be a good idea to give your child a dog as a pet. However, you need to bear in mind the age of your child, your home environment and your lifestyle and get to learn about the temperament and general nature of the dog prior purchasing it.

Remember, dogs can unintentionally harm children and likewise children can also confuse poodles with soft toys thus injuring them- often fatally. So, choosing of a suitable dog for homes with children is of crucial importance.

Dogs Good for Kids Under 12 Years

In case of families having young children i.e. children below 12 years of age the herding dogs can act as good pets. However, the dogs chosen must not be from amongst those that herd by nipping.

Australian Terrier, Welsh Terrier, Irish Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Brittany Dog, West Highland White Terrier, Collie and Golden Retriever are the dog breeds that have found to be very friendly and caring towards young children and family members.

The list below will give an idea about the breeds that will suit households with small children.

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Dogs make loving companions

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