How Pet Friendly Are Your House Plants?

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Adding some greenery to your home doesn’t have to be hazardous to your pets. In fact, there are plenty of plants that are pet-safe and pretty, but it’s important to know which ones are not first!

If you have any pets in your home, then you know that finding Pet Safe Houseplants is a must. Curious cats and hungry dogs love to lick anything they can find, especially great-smelling plants.
We’ve found some guides that are pet-safe and those you should avoid, and you may be surprised.

Common Causes Of Pet Poisoning (via Pet Insurance)

As you can see from the infographic from Pet Insurance above, houseplants account for 15% of pet poisoning incidents every year. That’s quite a large number of pet owners who don’t know the potential harm. The key to keeping your home pet-safe is to ensure plants that might be toxic to your pets are out of reach of little paws. But first, you need to know which plants are okay for your fur babies, and which are not.

10 Most Common Poisonous Houseplants (via Humane Society. Org)

This guide form Humane Society shows the 10 most common houseplants that harm pets. These plants are very common. According to the Humane Society, if your pet has eaten or licked one of these plants, these are the steps you should take:
• First, remove the plant from your pet’s mouth if any is left inside.
• Next, gently rinse out their mouths with water using a cloth so they don’t swallow too much.
• Try to identify the plant your pet encountered so that you can watch out for specific symptoms (see the chart above).
• If you notice any symptoms developing, call your vet or local animal care hospital as quickly as possible.

How Pet Friendly Are Your House Plants?


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