How to Stop Your Dog from Barking

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Dogs bark from time to time. That is perfectly normal and natural since barking is a method of expressing themselves. Their barking can be similar to children making noise when they play outside. It can also be a warning or greeting when someone comes to the door or something is wrong. But, if your dog barks continually or for long periods of time, there must be a specific cause or reason.

If, every time you put your dog out, he starts barking and won’t stop, be prepared to hear complaints from your neighbors. If your dog barks the whole time you are away from home, you will certainly hear from your neighbors. Excessive barking can even result in complaints to the police . . . and citations and fines for you.

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Dogs are generally intelligent and understand what you want them to do if you are consistent in training. Many dogs are quick learners who only need to be told once or twice while others are more stubborn or less quick to understand. However, their behavior towards outsiders varies according to their breed, their lineage within that breed, and their socialization.

Many dogs are naturally friendly and outgoing and may only bark at newcomers as a way of greeting and asking for attention. Others are more shy and aloof and will bark because they are afraid. Some dogs are very possessive of their homes and owners or are wary of strangers or are of a breed that guards their owners so they will bark as a means of warning before they become aggressive.

No matter which type of dog you have, early socialization and training will make a huge difference in his approach to strangers. Free Online Seminar and Dog Training Mini Course to learn how to ensure that his barking is not ferocious, excessive or overly loud.

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