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  • Moderate, regular exercise will help to keep your pet (and you) healthy and fit. Regular exercise improves circulation and reduces excess weight, a common cause of heart disease. Fit and trim pets are happy, bouncy pets.
  • Ensure your pet is eating a balanced, high-quality diet with plenty of raw and unprocessed food (preferably organic). Avoid excess salt in your pet’s diet. Consider switching to Vondi’s Natural Cooked Food or Doggobone Active Raw Food – both available from the Feelgood Health shop in Westlake, Cape Town. 
  • Use Immunity and Liver Support capsules to boost your pet’s immune functioning and resistance against disease and infection
  • If you notice your pet starting to cough during the night or notice coughing first thing in the morning, see your vet for an examination. This cough is often the first sign of heart disease and early detection and treatment of heart conditions are certainly in your pet’s best interests.

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