Management tips for stressed or anxious pets

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  • Although it’s a natural urge to comfort your pet during times of distress, by giving your pet attention during a frightening episode such as a thunderstorm you may actually encourage the behaviour.
  • Ensure that your pet feels secure, turn up the radio or put on the TV to mask loud noises and provide a warm, cosily lit area for your pet to sleep in and then do your utmost to ignore any unwanted behaviour. Not an easy thing to do, but persevere.
  • Be consistent with your reaction to your pet. The whole family needs to follow the same routine when dealing with your pet’s anxieties otherwise your pet will become confused and even more insecure.
  • Consider consulting an animal behaviourist if your pet’s behaviour is affecting their quality of life.
  • The sooner a problem is addressed the easier it will be to modify the behaviour.
  • Start socialising your new pet at an early age – get them used to trips in the car, strange noises, yelling children, noisy rubbish collection trucks, etc.
  • Regular daily exercise is essential to help keep your pet healthy and fit, as well as in peak mental health. Bored, frustrated animals can hardly be expected to behave well!
  • A confident pet is a happy pet and will be an asset to any owner.

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