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Natura Pet Products

Proudly South African, Natura Pet offers a wide range of grooming and pet care products for our special four-legged friends. 

Proudly South African, Natura Pet offers a wide range of grooming and pet care products for our special four-legged friends. These products are organic, vegan and made from the best quality natural products, free from chemicals. It's time to spoil your furry friend with the best because a healthy pet is a happy pet!

Shampoos & Conditioners:

Hypo Allergen Deep Conditioner  

  • Ideal for dogs and cats with allergy-prone skin. This conditioner will moisturize and condition leaving your dog’s coat super soft and silky. Without irritating sensitive, damaged or itchy skin.



Calming Lavender Pet Wash for Dogs & Cats 

  • Softens and de-tangles the fur gently and has a calming aroma of Lavender and Sage Essential Oil to help them relax making it ideal for pets who get anxious or stressed during bath time.



Dry Skin Pets' Shampoo Oatmeal & Vanilla 

  • This shampoo calms, soothes and eases the discomfort of dry skin, leaving your pet's coat soft, plush as well as beautifully clean. It also leaves delightfully fresh oatmeal and vanilla fragrance.



Itch Relief Shampoo and Conditioner for Dogs 

  • With 100% natural ingredients, this product calms, soothes and eases the discomfort of irritated, red, itchy, sensitive skin, leaving your dog's coat soft, plush as well as beautifully clean. 



Deep Conditioner for Dogs 

  • Skin problems among dogs are common, so keeping their coat well-conditioned is essential. Hypo Allergen Dog Conditioner by Natura Pets is an all-natural eco-friendly deep conditioner for pets with or prone-to skin allergies.



Pet-Care Products:

Dog Breath Freshener 

  • This spray is made with a range of pure plant extracts to help remove plaque and tartar build-up for a cleaner, fresher and healthier mouth as well as control the bacteria that cause bad brushing required!



Ear Cleanser for Dogs and Cats 

  • This cleanser has soothing natural ingredients that will condition and moisturize your pets ear canal, helping to treat minor fungal and bacterial ear infections as well as prevent future ear infections.



Detangler Deodorant Coat Spray 

  • Brushing those knots will become a thing of the past. Not only does this spray make brushing your pet's hair easy but smelling gorgeous too! Use anytime or after bathing or swimming.  



Eye Cleaner for Dogs & Cats 

  • With a gentle wipe, safely and gently clean your pet's eyes while protecting not only against eye infections and allergies but also help relieve discomfort and reduce irritation from dried mucous, foreign material, dust, and pollen.



Itch Relief Spray 

  • This spray includes a unique blend of 100% natural key ingredients to provide fast as well as effective relief for dogs by soothing and cooling as well as reduce itching and dryness to uncomfortable skin


    Facial Cleanser for Dogs & Cats 

    • Facial Cleanser for Dogs and Cats by Natura will leave the sensitive area around the face and eyes fresh, clean as well as nicely moisturized. It is gentle as well as non-irritating. 



    Pet Toothpaste 

    • Pet Toothpaste from Natura Pets is 100% natural and will prevent tartar buildup, promote healthy gums and freshen your dog’s breath.




    Hot Spot Relief Balm 
    • An all-natural anti-itch compound made from Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Neem Oil, Calendula Extract and essential oils that provides instant relief from itching, rashes, hot spots, ringworm, and other skin problems. 



    Snout & Paw Balm 

    • Pets Snout & Paw Balm by Natura helps condition, heal and protect curious noses and busy paws during the months of hot or cold weather! 



    Insect Repellent Anti-Bug Spray 

    • A natural insect repellent spray which protects your dogs and horses naturally by easing irritations caused from bug bites. Safe, non-toxic as well as 100% natural for biting insects such as ticks, fleas as well as mosquitoes.



    Pet Toothbrush 

    • Made with 100% natural materials this toothbrush will help prevent tartar buildup, promote healthy gums and freshen your dog’s breath. Ideal for dogs and cats.


    Hemp Products:

    Heavenly Hemp Pet Balm 

    • Not only can you use to assist with healing hot spots, wounds, itchiness, irritations, cracked skin, insect bites but also keeps sensitive areas healthy and protected from harsh winter and summer weather.


    Heavenly Hemp Pet Body Spray 

    • 100% natural, this spray helps provide relief from allergies, burned skin, dry skin, fungal infections, hot spots, itchy skin, sensitive skin, skin inflammations, wounds, burns, puncture injuries. Watch your pets fur and coat transform.  



    Heavenly Hemp Pet Shampoo 

    • Hemp Oil assists in preventing skin disorders such as acne, eczema, rashes, dandruff as well as inflammatory skin conditions. 100% natural, this shampoo is ideal for all skin types and safe for sensitive skin.




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