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Pets EaseSure

Pets EaseSure for epilepsy and seizure disorders in pets

Many herbs and natural homeopathic remedies can safely and effectively support your pet’s general health and help to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures, thus eliminating or reducing the need for prescription drugs for epilepsy and seizure disorders in pets. 


EaseSure is a 100% natural blend of herbal and homeopathic ingredients, specifically selected to treat and prevent seizures in pets. It may be used to relieve acute seizures of multiple causes immediately and may also be used preventatively for the treatment of chronic seizure disorder for your pet. 

The natural way

Many herbs and natural homeopathic remedies can safely and effectively support your pet’s general health and help to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures, thus eliminating or reducing the need for prescription drugs for epilepsy and seizure disorders in pets. 

A holistic approach to your pet’s condition is the best approach: feed a well-balanced natural diet and ensure that your pet has plenty of regular exercise, while supplementing with natural medicines for optimal health. 

It is also important to ensure that your dog or cat has a safe environment to avoid injury should seizures occur. This would include making sure that swimming pools have safety nets and that stairs are secured with safety gates to prevent falls during a seizure. Reducing stress is also an important factor in helping to reduce seizures – as stress is a known trigger for a seizure. 

What are the ingredients?

EaseSure contains the following 100% natural herbal & homeopathic ingredients:

Passiflora incarnata (Passionflower),  Scuttelaria laterifolia (Skullcap),  Hyoscyamus (30C),  Belladonna (30C), Cuprum mettalicum (30C), Ethanol (natural preservative)

EaseSure contains no gluten, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

How has EaseSure helped others?

“I ordered your EaseSure remedy online out of sheer desperation for my poor Labrador, Gigi. She had been on Phenobarb for quite some time for her seizures and not only was she still having seizures, the side-effects of the drug caused her to appear permanently sedated. On top of that, the Phenobarb made her constantly ravenous and she ended up putting on quite a bit of weight- easy for a Lab! After speaking to my vet about my dissatisfaction I put her on EaseSure as well as the PhenoBarb. She has not had a seizure since then and my vet has been able to lower her dosage of Phenobarb to the extent that the side-effects are far more manageable. I am really pleased to have found this natural addition to my Lab’s medication that has improved her quality of life so much- thank you from both of us!”  Eileen P.

“Several months ago my 3 year old cat began having seizures and boy, was it a scary experience. I felt so helpless and my heart bled for him as he would be like a zombie for the rest of the day, obviously with no idea of what had happened. I bought your EaseSure remedy as I have always preferred the natural approach and it has really helped him. When he does have a seizure (which is much more seldom these days) I put EaseSure in his mouth with a squirter-bottle and the fit seems to resolve much quicker and he is completely himself again within a few hours. Thanks for such a great product- I have stocked up on it!” – Sharon

“This is an excellent product. It really works. My dog started having seizures at 5 years old. They were very serious cluster seizures. He was put on phenobarb and potossium bromide. This made him both sick and extremely drugged. I came across Easesure and decided to give it a try. I bought one bottle to start, only wishing I bought the buy three get one free pkg because that is a better deal. The first two weeks I gave this product three times a day, 10 drops [large dog] mixed in a teaspoon of honey. During this time I started cutting back on the vet meds. So far NO SEIZURES! My dog is on only one phenobarb a day now and two doses of Easesure, 8 drops each. I am planning to cut that last phenobarb in half next week until he is off of it. I will keep you informed as to his progress. I highly recommend this product. I worked for 11 years in a vets office.” – Sandy

BIG THANKS! We have a 9 week old Dockie who has been having seizures for about 3 weeks on an almost constant basis. With all due respect to our vet and the meds prescribed she still had seizures. I sent for your Easesure and in 30 minutes she was up and around. She still gets some but not as often nor severe. We have since purchased other products and passed the word out to our petloving friends. Again I must say KUDOS!” – Orlando, Florida

How do I use EaseSure?

EaseSure comes in convenient tincture form. 


Chronic: Mix drops in a favourite treat two to three times daily.

Acute: Half the recommended dose may be mixed into a little water and squirted or spooned directly into the back of the mouth when needed (repeat after 5 minutes for up to two doses if necessary).

Cats and small dogs: 2 – 3 drops.
Medium dogs: 5 drops.
Large dogs: 8 – 10 drops.

Caution: Please consult your veterinarian should symptoms persist. Safety during pregnancy and nursing has not yet been established

Note: EaseSure may be safely taken along with your pet’s prescription medication. However it is best to do this under supervision of your vet as, with continued use of EaseSure, the dosage of your pet’s prescription medication may be lowered or even stopped altogether.


Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. Please consult your veterinarian if symptoms persist. 

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