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Put A Big Smile On Your Dog with this Dawg Grillz Dog Balls Toys Squeaky Fetch Rubber Ball

Put A Big Smile On Your Dog with this Dawg Grillz Dog Balls Toys Squeaky Fetch Rubber Ball

Some may say we are a bit obsessed with balls for dogs over here at Dawg Grillz... and we are. We custom designed the ball we wanted for our own pets. It had to be made from safe materials and provide countless hours of fun. 

Dog Balls for Fetch

  • AWARD WINNING - Featured on the hit TV show Dragon's Den, with a custom design of safety and fun
  • SMILES - Dog ball was designed with 360 degree teeth to provide best cute and funny pictures
  • HOURS OF FUN - 3 inches in diameter for super bounce, perfect for large big and medium sized dogs.
  • SQUEAKY AND FLOATS - Rewarding play for pets who love sound and summer pool fun in the water
  • VANILLA SCENTED - Now even the blind and visually impaired pet can join in on the fun

Put A Big Smile On Your Dog

Dawg Grillz is an award winning dog ball that gives dogs a smile... literally. The pictures you will take with your dog smiling will have you laughing out loud for hours. Share your pet's pictures on social media. This is a fetch toy not a chew toy. Our balls our durable, but not indestructible. Please supervise pets at all times during play.

Premium Quality Dog Ball

Vanilla Scented

Squeaky Dog Ball

Dog Teeth All Around

Large Dog Ball

Vanilla Scented

Dogs love smell which is why we scented our dog ball with a vanilla aroma. The scent is also great for visually impaired pups so that they can also enjoy the fun.


Dogs love how rewarding it is to chase this ball when they hear a nice squeak. Try it, it's pretty addictive!

360 Degree Teeth

Our teeth go 360 degrees around the ball so it's easier to take that perfect picture. Oh, and did we mention how cute and fun it is to see your pup run back to you with a HUGE smile on their face?!

3 Inch Diameter

We used the highest, safest and best quality of material we could find. It's custom designed with the Dawg Grillz logo on the top. This 3 inch ball is perfect for medium to large breeds.


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