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Raw Love offers a range of delicious pet food, treats and natural remedies, made in South Africa with tender love 

Raw Love use ingredients fit for human consumption. The meat is free range sourced from reputable and registered sources and the fruit, veggies and supplements from health shops and organic outlets.  



Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 

  • This remedy has many health benefits for your pets.  Diatomaceous Earth is used for body detox as well as to eliminate worms and external pet parasites. It is a very rich source of silica, which promotes healthy tendons, cartilage, blood vessels and bones.



Peanut Butter Biscuits 

  • These biscuits are a delicious natural pet treat made with organic peanut butter as well as banana. A delicious healthy pet treats that will be sure to get tails wagging! 



Health Treats Biscuits 

  • These treats are delicious natural grain-free biscuits. Rooibos, Rosehip and Sutherlandia are traditionally used to boost the immune system. In addition, assist in the treatment of cancer and diabetes. Available in 100g or 200g.



Bed Time Treats 

  • Dogs, as well as cats, will love these cute moon-shape delicious, natural grain-free biscuits. Made with organic Chamomile & Passion Flowers, these biscuits will help your pets sleep tight! Available in 100g or 200g.



Venison Droewors 

  • High in protein, this Droewors is made with free-range organic venison which is air-dried. It contains no added grains, sugar, salt or other additives, only delicious goodness for your pet. Perfect as a treat or a reward. Available in 100g or 250g.



Venison Biltong 

  • High in protein as well as good for their teeth, this biltong is made with free-range organic venison. Air-dried and contains no sugar, salt, spices or other additives - only delicious goodness for your pet.



Venison Chews 

  •  A delicious free-range healthy pet treat that sure to get tails wagging! These chews are made with free-range organic venison which is air-dried and contains no added grains, sugar, salt or other additives. 









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