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Keep your home and animals safe in the face of crime

Keep your home and animals safe in the face of crime

Experience shows us how loving and loyal a dog can be.

Over the ages, there are numerous examples of dogs placing themselves in the path of danger to protect their owners.

Dogs have proven themselves in this department, showing bravery to the 10th degree in many different scenarios.

“With this being said, dog owners need to know how best to utilise these skills, while keeping their animals safe at the same time,” said Jason Mordecai, managing director of 7 Arrow Security.

Animals tend to have a sixth sense, often times these intuitive moments are what they translate from their owners.

“At times we wonder why we feel uneasy, yet our dogs are barking wildly – they feed off humans’ feelings and trust these more easily than we do.

“The most effective tool dog owners can use from their furry friends is to learn their different signals and barks,” said Mordecai.

Much like a human, each dog has its own mannerisms, body language and specific barking signals.

Learning these barks, as well as your neighbours’ dogs’ barks, can be the differentiating factor at either being notified to intruders or not.

“In the past, we have responded to properties whereby owners have, in fact, gone to investigate why their dogs were barking and in turn opened the house up for the intruders to get in,” said Mordecai.

“If your dogs are barking, please press your panic button or call your security company to come and investigate.

“Trust your dogs, barking is an innate response for them, do not go out and investigate on your own, rather lock yourself and family up in your safe zone and wait for assistance.”

When asked where he suggested community members should keep their dogs during the night, Mordecai responded, “The best bet is to keep your dog in the house or to put them in a yard where they do not have access to the front perimeter.

“It’s much harder for a criminal to enter a house that’s monitored by a K9 warrior, even one that stands as high as your ankle and is armed with a ribbon in her hair.”

Dog poisoning has become a real threat in Johannesburg.

“Criminals use a poison called Two Step or Temik which comes in the form of black granules, this is usually inserted into some form of meat,” explained Mordecai.

Symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, muscle tremors, seizures and diarrhoea.

“If you think your dog has been poisoned think safety first,” Mordecai urged.

“Call your security company as the suspects may be out there.

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