The Benefits of a Slow Feeder Bowl

Posted by Lisa Goldberg on

What is a slow feeder bowl?

This is a feeding bowl designed with separations and obstructions. By placing the food between these grooves, your dog will learn to scoop out their food at a much slower pace, allowing them more time to enjoy their meal. Thus, the Slow Feeder Pet Bowl is designed  to slow down your pets eating behaviours ultimately improving digestion, prevent bloating and promotes better general gut health. It also prevents choking which results from the absence of chewing their food. 

It is also mentally stimulating. By placing their food between the grooves, your dog needs to work out how to remove the pellets/meat from the feeder. It encourages problem-solving skills which is beneficial because it mimics natural behavior. It also reduces boredom, which in turn alleviates frustration, and reduces problem behaviours for example excessive barking or chewing.


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