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  • Be gentle on those joints!  Next time you’re playing fetch the ball or destroy the catnip mouse with your furry friend, take some time to watch how effectively muscles, nerves and joints work together to facilitate movement in your pet.  Pets, especially dogs, are always eager to please and even though muscles may be sore and joints may be strained they’ll still willingly fetch that ball, so go easy on your pet.
  • Keeping your pet at their ideal weight will help to prevent excess strain on the joints. Studies in young, large breed dogs now show that any period of excess weight during the growing phase greatly increases the likelihood of degenerative joint disease developing later in life. Aim for slim and trim pets!
  • Regular exercise is essential for keeping joints flexible and muscles and ligaments strong. It will also help in preventing obesity.
  • Hydrotherapy is great for arthritic dogs. Older dogs that are very overweight or unable to exercise much because of heart conditions benefit greatly from hydrotherapy.  Bobbing around supported by water and a doggie life jacket gives the muscles and joints a good work out without being too vigorous.  Even cats can go to hydrotherapy. Happy paddling!

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