Why is my cat’s eye watery?

Posted by Ally Cohen on

One of the most common problems with deal with in young cats, especially kittens, is a respiratory disease.

Most commonly a virus is the culprit, and since there aren’t a lot of great anti-viral therapies out there, we typically provide supportive care and the cat’s own immune system conquers the disease.

It turns out that these respiratory viruses, especially the feline herpes virus, also causes eye irritation, including excessive tearing and something we call “blepharospasm”, which is just a fancy way of saying that the eyelid is partially closed.

Like I said above, most of the time these infections resolve on their own, but when eye discharge turns yellow or green it’s usually the sign of a more serious problem, like a bacterial infection or even a corneal ulcer, and your cat should get veterinary care as soon as possible.

SOURCE: https://www.petcoach.co/

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