Bon Appétit

BON APPÉTIT cat food, a complete and balanced range of gourmet wet food meals, perfect for the discerning feline diner.

BON APPÉTIT cat food is an exclusive range of premium single-serving meals, that combine superior flavours and textures for ultimate palatability – a true mealtime indulgence for South African cats who demand only the best.

The BON APPÉTIT delectable mousse range comes beautifully packaged in 85g ring-pull tins and our decadent paté range is served in unique, mini-feast alu-trays, complete with a delish option for posh kittens.

Your feline diner is sure to love our exquisite cat food flavours, which include delectable ingredients such as salmon, shrimp, turkey, tuna and ocean fish – to name but a few.