Cat Scratch Pole
Cat Scratch Pole

Cat Scratch Pole

R 249.00
Brand Cat toys

Cats love to scratch around!

Cats are playful and curious animals by nature, making this Cat Scratch Pole pure kitty fun. Protect your furniture and other valuables from being clawed on by providing them with this awesome scratcher. This sturdy pole will provide your kitty cat with hours of purrfect happiness and they are sure to love the pompom feature too! 

Product Features:

  • Premium quality car scratch toy
  • Encourages good scratching behaviour
  • Keeps claws healthy
  • Helps stretch, flex, and tone a variety of muscles
  • Relieve kitty stress and frustration
  • Made of hardwearing woven sisal 
  • Approx. product dimensions: 23 (W) (base) x 38 (H) cm 

***Designs and colours may vary according to pictures

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Every cat household needs cat toys! Toys bring diversity into your cat's life, keeping them fit, and sharpen their senses. Toys and regular playtime are part of giving your cat a stimulating environment, which in turn makes a happy and healthy cat. Playtime gives cats an outlet for their energy, mental and physical stimulation, the opportunity to satisfy their instinctual hunting drive, and a chance to bond with you. Favourite cat toys include cat teasers, balls, play mice, catnip-filled toys, tunnels, and cat puzzles as well as cat scratchers. Make your cat's day with premium quality fun cat toys at great prices. 

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