Cat Stick Teaser Toy with Bell & Feather

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Keeps your kitty sharp, fit and active with this cat stick teaser toy with bell & feather!

Exercise is essential for your cat’s mental and physical health. This Cat Stick Teaser Toy with Bell & Feather will relieve stress and boredom, improve circulation, build muscle tone and can prevent or reduce behavioural problems. Ringing the bell is sure to get your cat up and engaged. 

This wand toy is ideal for kids to use while playing with their fur friends because it keeps some distance between the cat’s claws and them. It is also a great bonding toy.

Cat Stick Teaser Toy with Bell & Feather Features:

  • Includes a feather and bell
  • Stimulate your cat's natural curiosity
  • Exercises your cat's physical health
  • Star and moon design with ribbon
  • Includes bell
  • Fabric filled with catnip
  • Strong and durable
  • Colours may vary according to availability

ginger cat playing with a toy

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Cat Stick Teaser Toy with Bell & Feather