become a 4apet agent and sell pet products

Do you want to sell pet products? 

Join 4aPet team of agents and become and an agent for pet products! Work from home or part-time while on a job, network, make new friends and supplement your income! We are also a dropshipping supplier in South Africa and offer you the best pet products, quick service and great customer care. 

Please read the form below and apply online.  

We provide our agents with support and tools to get started. We are always available to help you, either on email or what's app. 

Join 4aPet team of agents!

Work from home or part-time while on a job, network with other moms, make new friends and supplement your income! 

Selling 4aPet products is simple and you work your own hours when it suits you. You sell the 4aPet products through networking and direct selling to your friends, work acquaintances and family. For those with the drive and commitment, this is a very great business with enormous potential! 

You can distribute flyers in your area. You can arrange open days and “Tupperware” parties, sells at fetes, expos and exhibitions. You can also sell online or on social media. The possibilities for you are endless.

WHY 4aPet?

4aPet offers niche and exclusive pet products. Passionate about pets, 4aPet opened in 2019, as a sister company to the successful and well-known award-winning company 4aKid. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. Owner, Ally Cohen has over 25 years of experience in the retail industry and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to sign up with 4aPet. 

What support do I get from 4aPet?

4aPet sends you marketing emails 1-2 times a month to forward to your mailing list to promote the 4aPet products. We also offer monthly promotions and incentives to help encourage sales.

How do I earn an income from selling 4aPet products?

4aPet agents can earn income from three ways. 

Reseller program for agents

You purchase 4aPet products at less 20% and resell the products to your customer at the recommended selling price. The difference of the 20% is your profit to keep. 

Extra incentive program

If you sell R10 000 or more over a 6-month consecutive period, you will qualify for an extra 10% discount, meaning that you will get a total discount of 30% of all purchases. 

*** 30% discount is only applicable to 4aPet products and pet foods or snacks. 4aPet reserves the right to exclude selected products from the extra incentive discounts. 

Selling online or on social media

You can sell online and/or only on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat etc. You will need an existing Facebook business page or group or other social media. We do not accept personal Facebook profiles as a method of social media marketing. 

Referral program

You can introduce new agents to 4aPet and have up to 25 agents working as part of your team. You will earn 5% of these agent’s purchases providing you are an active agent and leading your team. Agents in the 2nd sub-agent structure can only have 10 agents under them with no further sub-agents below them.

Affiliate referral program

As a registered 4aPet agent, you qualify for the affiliate referral program. You get 20% commission if your referred client purchases on the 4aPet website through your special URL link that we provide to you. Terms and conditions apply to being an affiliate agent and you can request the relevant documentation for this. You can earn anywhere from a few hundred rand to a few thousand rand being a 4aPet agent, depending on the time and effort that you and your team put in to market the products.


4aPet offers you the opportunity to earn an income working from home or part-time to supplement your current income. We have various branded products from around the world , as well as locally manufactured products and have dedicated ourselves to bringing unique and purposeful products into the South African market. We offer you the opportunity to join our team and sell the 4aPet product range!

QUESTION: How do I make money?

ANSWER: 4aPet agents can earn income from two ways. 

Reseller program

You purchase 4aPet products at less 20% and sell the products to your customer at the recommended selling price. The difference is your profit to keep. We also offer an incentive program that lets you earn up to 30% discount on your purchases.

 Agent program

You can introduce new agents to 4aPet and have multiple agents working as part of your team. You will earn 5% of these agent’s purchases exclusive VAT providing you are an active agent & leading your team. You can earn anywhere from a few hundred rand to a few thousand rand being a 4aPet agent, depending on the time and effort that you and your team put in to market the products.

 QUESTION: How much can I earn?

ANSWER: Your earning potential depends on how much effort and time you put into marketing the 4aPet product range. You can earn a few hundred rand to a few thousand rand.

 QUESTION: How do I earn commission from my team of agents?

ANSWER: Each agent in your team needs to register with 4aPet and they place their orders and purchase from 4aPet. At the end of each month, a recon will be done on the purchases and the 5% commission will be credited to your account either towards your next purchase or payment on request.

 QUESTION: What will it cost me to become a 4aPet agent?

ANSWER: There is no annual or membership fee to become an agent.

QUESTION: Do I have to order every month and is there a target?

ANSWER: No. As long as you place an order at least once every 3 months, you will qualify as a 4aPet agent.

 QUESTION: What do I do if I want to stop being a 4aPet agent?

ANSWER: You can email us your resignation or fax us on 088 011 656 8290. 4aPet has the right to terminate the agent agreement, should you not follow proper procedures and act in an improper manner, not conducive to 4aPet’ reputation and goodwill. If you wish to start up again at a later stage or if you have not purchased within a 12 month period, there will be a re-registration fee of R100.

QUESTION: How do I place orders with 4aPet?


Purchase online on your special agent’s profile where your discount comes off automatically and pay by credit card or EFT. All orders are only held for 48 hours without payment.

 QUESTION: How much do I pay for delivery?


Courier door to door starting from R65 up —cheaper rates for main cities only, more expensive for other areas. ** Prices are subject to change without notice as we use 3rd party companies for delivery.

·       You also have the option of collecting your orders from our offices if you are based in Johannesburg.     

 QUESTION: What marketing support do I get from 4aPet?

ANSWER: We will send you marketing emails 1-2 times a month to forward to y our mailing list to promote the 4aPet products. We are also available on wha'ts app and email to support you. 

QUESTION: Is the area that I sell in exclusive to me?

ANSWER: No. Because you are selling part-time, agents do not have exclusivity on their areas.

QUESTION: Can I sell to the shops?

ANSWER: No. All shops, retailers and chain stores are handled by head office. Agents are NOT allowed to approach any retail or chain stores with products sold by 4aKid/4aPet. 

QUESTION: Can I sell to an online store or website?

ANSWER: No, agents are NOT allowed to list the products stocked by 4aPet on any websites or on-line shops without permission. You can however open your own website or social media profiles by permission only from 4aPet. You also can sell on advertising websites like Gumtree, OLX etc. 

QUESTION: Can I advertise on Internet or print media?

ANSWER: You can market on the internet within specific guidelines by 4aPet as well as e-mail marketing. Any use of 4aPet marketing materials like the logo and/or any artwork must be pre-approved by 4aPet BEFORE it is uploaded, published or sent to print. Please note that 4aPet is a registered trademark and has legal consequences thereof. You cannot use the 4aPet logo without written permission. 

QUESTION: Can I open a Facebook page or social media profiles to sell the products?

ANSWER: Yes you can BUT you cannot call it 4aPet or any variation thereof. You must come up with your own original name but you can put add that you are a registered 4aPet reseller. You must email with the URL of your Facebook page after you have opened it and added details. 

QUESTION: Can I sell 4aPet products at my own prices?

ANSWER: No, we give you a recommended selling price to sell the products at unless we are offering specials to agents and clients. 

QUESTION: After I order, when must I pay?

ANSWER: All orders must be paid with 48 hours of ordering as we cannot hold stocks for longer. You can also always confirm available stocks and designs/colours on our website or email for advice. 

QUESTION: Do I have to buy stocks to sell?

ANSWER: No, you can order as per client order from the catalogue or website, taking into account the delivery is for your expense or the client’s expense.

QUESTION: How do I sell without the stocks on hand?

ANSWER: 4aPet will supply you with marketing emails every 2 weeks. We will also email you when new catalogues are ready (about every 2-3 months) and your details can be added to catalogues to show your clients. You can also direct clients to purchase off our website with your special affiliate referral link. 

QUESTION: Can I sell other pet products?

ANSWER: Any agent selling 4aPet products may not sell any other competitive product. You are also not allowed to copy, manufacture or import similar or like products in the 4aPet range. If you are selling other ranges, you need to notify us when you apply to become an agent. 

QUESTION: How do I get started as a 4aPet agent?

ANSWER: First step is to fill in the agent’s form below. 

QUESTION: Where is 4aPet based?

ANSWER: 4aPet operates from a central head office from Sandton Johannesburg incorporating sales, customer service, administration, warehousing and dispatch under one roof. Our offices hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 16:30pm and we operate for 50 weeks of the year. Telephonic customer support by cell phone and email is available through the year.

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The contents of this form is subject to legal copyright and cannot be copied for other use. 


Ally and the 4aPet team look forward to working with you.