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Partner with 4aPet and become a reseller of pet products. 4aPet is known by our customers for our quality pet products and by our distributors for attentiveness, dedication, and loyalty. Well-known trusted pet brand, with hundreds of products to choose from, 4aPet is a leader in the pet product industry, with profound experience in ecommerce and wholesaling, bringing you the latest international trends and best pet products. With a brilliant reputation for quality products, great customer service and quick delivery, we care about our clients and you are always our number one priority. 

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  • Affiliate marketing is where you promote the 4aPet website with your own affiliate referral links and then get commission from any sales from your links. 
  • Part time agent is selling in your personal capacity. This includes selling on social media, WA, direct selling and dropshipping. 
  • Sell on social media is the same as part-time agent. 
  • Sell in my shop, business or ecommerce store is for businesses and online shops (not a Facebook shop), includes wholesale and dropshipping with 4aPet. 
  • Dropshipping through Ecommerce Store is selling through your online shop (not a Facebook shop.

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