Feelgood Pets Allergy Itch Ease


Natural remedy for itchy skin in dogs & cats

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Feelgood Pets Allergy Itch Ease natural helps relieve itchy skin in dogs and cats.

Allergy Itch Ease is 100% safe and natural homeopathic remedy that uses ingredients known for their ability to soothe and calm agitated and itchy skin, as well as support the health and integrity of all cells and layers of the skin. The ingredients are homeopathic, thus addressing acute skin problems, such as eczema, red patches, ‘mottled’ skin and itchiness. Taken internally, Allergy Itch Ease helps to maintain a sensory balance of the skin, as well as the supply of oxygen at a cellular level.

Presented in tiny granules, Allergy Itch Ease is given by sprinkling it directly into the mouth – making dosing a pleasure for both pet and owner! Alternatively, mix the granules with wet food or a treat.

Product Benefits:

  • 20g bottle
  • Safe and effective homeopathic remedy for itchy skin in dogs & cats
  • Relieves itchy skin in dogs & cats & calms your pet
  • Stops constant scratching
  • Soothes skin allergies in pets
  • Helps to heal inflamed skin & hot spots
  • Allows fur to grow back & prevents bald patches


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