AllisOne's Calc Phos Tissue Salt No.2 - 180 Tablets for Dogs & Cats (Pre-Order)

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Gives your fur baby the healthy boost their bones need with calcium phosphate tissue salts for cats and dogs!

AllisOne's Calcium Phosphate 180 tablets not only aids in the digestion and the absorption of nutrients to promote healthy blood cells but strengthen your fur friends teeth and bones too. Plus, Calc Phos D6 helps boost the immune system after an illness. This mineral is beneficial for pets who have Osteoporosis or may have suffered a fracture.

Calc Phos Tissue Salt No.2 Benefits:

  • Supplement for bone and blood disorders
  • Supports growing pets in strengthening their bones and teeth 
  • Supports strong bones and joints
  • Beneficial for Osteoporosis and bone fractures
  • White and red blood cell formation
  • Prevent anaemia
  • Lactose and sugar-free
  • Proudly made in South Africa


Calc Phos D6

Directions for use:

Tissue salts may be taken preventatively and for acute and chronic conditions

  • Horses: Three tablets twice daily. 
  • Large and medium dogs: One tablet twice daily
  • Small dogs and cats: One tablet daily - crush and sprinkle on food
  • Birds and other smaller animals: Crush one tablet daily and add it to water  

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Tissue salts are gentle and effective enough for dogs, cats, birds, horses, cows and even wild animals! Tissue salts treat disease by supplying the body with deficient cell salts and help the cells of the body to function effectively, in turn promoting and regulating vital processes such as digestion, nutrition, water balance, detoxification, elasticity, circulation, sodium-potassium balance, oxygenation, healing and much more. Tissue salts are absorbed directly into the cells,  thereby restoring balance and harmony in the body. The amazing thing about these salts is that their effects can be felt quite quickly and best of all, there are NO side effects! They can be used in the treatment of acute conditions and as a preventive measure. 

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Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

AllisOne's Calc Phos Tissue Salt No.2 - 180 Tablets for Dogs & Cats (Pre-Order)