Vondi's Jenny Morris Diatomaceous Earth Biscuits

Vondi's - Jenny Morris Diatomaceous Earth Biscuits

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 A healthy dog makes a happy dog!

Diatomaceous Earth Biscuits is the perfect snack to promote digestive health. Vondi's Jenny Morris Diatomaceous Earth Biscuits are a healthy treat for your dogs. It will keep your pet's system free from parasites. Formulated by one of South Africa's most popular celebrity chefs.

Product Benefits:

  • 200g
  • Use as an in-between snack or to celebrate good behaviour
  • Contains no sugar, dairy, colourants or preservatives
  • Healthy biscuits that are tasty and affordable
  • Diatomaceous Earth is an effective natural de-wormer as well as a parasite cleanser
  • Diatomaceous Earth also attracts and absorbs bad bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, food additives, artificial hormones, heavy metals, drug residues, viruses and toxins
  • Also helps excrete these toxins
  • Contains an array of trace minerals to nourish your pet, of which one is Silica - for strong and flexible joints, glowing skin, coat health, stronger hair and bones
  • All-natural: Free from preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours, milk or sugar
  • Non-allergenic for pets with allergies or digestive problems
  • Safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens
  • Home-made chicken and veggie stock, fresh herbs, whole wheat flour, cornflour and Diatomaceous Earth.


  • Treat your dogs to show them, healthy love, reward their good behaviour, or just because you can't help seeing them bounce with joy from the good taste!

VONDI'S is a well-loved holistic pet brand that is passionate about using only natural ingredients across their range of food, treats and pet health remedies. Started as a family business, they have built up a loyal following over more than 16 years and would be a valuable addition to your offering!

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