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Feelgood Pets Digestive Support

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 Natural remedy for pet digestive health

Made especially to help pets who suffer from chronic digestive conditions, Feelgood Pets Digestive Support supports a healthy digestive system for both cats and dogs. This remedy is 100% herbal. In addition, it helps acute gastritis or when your pet has eaten something which does not agree with him/her.

Digestive Support contains three carefully chosen herbs in therapeutic dosage to soothe as well as protect the digestive system while encouraging digestive health.

Scientific evidence has shown that some ingredients in the Digestive Support have an ability to inhibit the growth of certain cancerous cells as well as reduce liver inflammation.

Product Benefits:

  • 60 Capsules
  • Relieves symptoms of gastritis, oesophagitis, IBS, colitis, enteritis, bloating and other chronic digestive disorders
  • Improves digestive functioning
  • Detoxes the digestive system
  • Reduces inflammation and excess mucus discharge
  • Relieves and treats the painful symptoms of stomach ulcers
  • Reduces vomiting as well as diarrhoea
  • Assists in recovery after gastritis and other acute digestive conditions
  • Made in SA

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