Fish Tank Aquarium Gravel Stones - Assorted Colours

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Gives your fish a flamboyant dwelling!

By adding these Fish Tank Aquarium Gravel Stones, it will provide a colourful underwater playground. Gravel stones are not only used for decorating but also have various biochemical properties that will help filtrate your tank and provide nutrients to the fish. A well-decorated tank is also more likely to display their natural behaviour, improve socialisation and activity.  

Aqua-scaping your fish tank with ornaments and gravel will not only give it a more attractive and appealing look for both you and your fish but will also enhance the soothing effects that fish tanks are recognised for.

Product Features:

🐠 Adding gravel is highly recommended for the betterment of fish
🐠 Eco-friendly and non-toxic
🐠 Safe for the fish and water quality
🐠 Approx. weight of each bag: 350g
🐠 Size of bag: 10 x 14 x 2 cm

Colours Available:

🐠 Mixed Colours
🐠 Dark Pink
🐠 Blue
🐠 Green
🐠 Yellow
🐠 White 
🐠 Orange Pink

***Colours may vary from pictures shown

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