Medium Pet Socks - Assorted Designs

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 Keeps those paws safe and clean!

These adorable Medium Pet Socks will not only give your pet a more dashing look but will also keep their little paws warm and snug over the winter months!

Lined with slip-proof rubber to help grip, these socks aid pets not to slip. Pet socks hold many benefits. It protects dogs who have foot injuries and by wearing a sock, it prevents dogs from licking and irritating the wound further. For older dogs who suffer from arthritis, anti-skid socks can help keep their footing on slick floors so they are less likely to fall and hurt themselves.

Product Features:

  • Made from soft quality cotton with anti-slip paw prints
  • Provides traction and maximises grip
  • Aids wound healing
  • Protects your flooring from scratches
  • Sock size: 3cm wide x 7.5 cm long

Please Note: These socks are ideal for smaller bread dogs. 

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