Mini Double-Divider Fish Tank

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Getting your first aquarium or tank is always special and exciting. This Mini Double-Divider Fish Aquarium Fish Tank is an attractive source of entertainment, education and relaxation for the whole family. With 1 removable divider, this tank is designed to house either 2 Betta fish to prevent aggression and fin flair or an open tank for small swimmingly friendly fish. The tank includes 2 small plants and a bottom hole with rubber stopper for an easy water change. 

Product Features:

🐠 Ideal living room, bedroom or office 
🐠 Use for freshwater fish only
🐠 Ideal for Betta or small fish
🐠 Double divider system
🐠 Includes top covers, 2 small artificial plants, 1 divider and release cap for an easy water change
🐠 2-stage feeding system to conduct fry hatching, isolation disease fish, protecting the pups and other uses
🐠 Easy clean system
🐠 Materials: Acrylic Plastic
🐠 Eco-friendly, non-toxic 
🐠 Approx. tank dimension: 20 x 9 x 15 cm
🐠 Approx. compartment dimension: 10 x 9 x 15 cm

Bringing in a picturesque view of aquatic nature into your own space has many health benefits. The visual stimulation can actually reduce your stress levels, lower blood pressure, improve your focus and boost your creativity, helping you maximise your productivity and so much more. 

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