Medium Pet Calming Plush Round Fleece Bed - Navy

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This navy medium pet calming plush round fleece bed is the lushest donut for your pet!

This Navy Medium Pet Calming Plush Round Fleece Bed by BB PetZ will provide your fur baby with a comfy and secure place to chillax. Its warm and cozy feel will keep them snug for a deeper night’s rest or a refreshing daytime nap. This bed is ideal for pets who are highly strung because the soothing fabric will help calm your little fur friend through stressful events like fireworks or thunderstorms. This calming pet bed is made with superior soft fleece for exceptional comfort that helps soothe stressed pets. Giving your pet their very own bed will keep them warm, support arthritic joints, prevent calluses and more. This pet bed is fun, good quality and stylish. This plush bedding will most certainly be your cat or small doggie’s favourite snuggle spot! 

Medium Pet Calming Plush Round Fleece Bed Features: 

  • Plush pet bed
  • Ideal for cats and a medium-breed dog
  • Calming, therapeutic and anti-anxiety
  • Provides good support, superior comfort and security
  • Lightweight and easy to move around 
  • Material: Fleece, ball fibre and 100% waterproof PVC Cloth bottom
  • Easy to clean, machine and hand washable
  • Approx. product diameter: 70 cm
  • Approx. product height: 25 - 30 cm 
  • Proudly made in South Africa
  • Care Instructions:

    • The water-resistant outer canvas is easy to spot clean.
    • Should the need arise, machine wash on a 30° cycle and then line dry.
    • Recommended for indoor use only.

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    Medium Pet Calming Plush Round Fleece Bed - Navy