Raw Love Training Treats 200g
Raw Love Training Treats 200g

Raw Love - Training Treats 200g for Dogs & Cats

Brand Pet treats

 A healthy pet is a happy pet with dog training treats!

Raw Love Training Treats are delicious healthy training rewards for clever pets! These treats are the perfect size to reward dogs (or cats) for behaviour learned well. They are grain-free and made with organic Venison to make sure your clever pet stays healthy and fit! 

Product Features:

  • 200g
  • Grain-free training treats with organic free-range venison
  • The perfect size for training treats - just a quick delicious taste for a job well done
  • No added fat, salt, sugar, xylitol, preservatives or other harmful additives
  • Packaging made with recycled materials 
  • Made in SA by a community upliftment project

    Ingredients: Organic venison liver, lentil flour, organic rolled oats, free-range eggs. Contains no added spices, salt, sugar, xylitol,  preservatives or colourants - only pure goodness for your dog or cat

      Directions for use

      • Use as a training aid to reward your pet for a lesson well learned! Good dog!

      Raw Love believes in bestowing loving compassion and rewarding companionship with our domestic animals. While respecting the environment too. You will love their range of delicious natural as well as organic pet treats in attractive environmentally friendly packaging. This product is made by a community upliftment project using recyclable materials. We love their ethos and your customers will too!

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      Dog treats can be nutritionally beneficial for your pet, with vitamins and nutrients. High quality and natural treats will contribute to better digestion, lower risk of diseases, strong immunity, increased energy and activity, which overall leads to overall good physical and mental health. Treats are a great way to supplement your pet's food. Dog treats can be used as a reward for good behavior, for dog training or just a snack. Treats are fine for pets as long as they're given in moderation and always make sure that you choose a healthy treat for your pet. 

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