Beige Rex 2 Pole Tower Pet Scratcher Post (Pre-Order)

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Beige Rex 2 Pole Tower: A Comfortable Scratch Post for Your Feline Friend

Dual Scratching Poles

Introducing the Rex 2 Pole Tower Pet Scratcher Post, the ultimate solution for your cat's scratching needs. This Beige 2 Pole Tower Pet Scratcher Post by Rex is absolute kitty fun and will provide your kitty cat with hours of purrfect happiness and scratching. This scratcher post is designed to provide your cat with a durable and satisfying scratching surface, while also saving your furniture from damage.

Durable & Long-lasting

The Beige Rex 2 Pole Tower Pet Scratcher Post is made from durable materials that are designed to last. The poles are sturdy and won't tip over, even with the most enthusiastic scratchers. The base of the post is made of sturdy wood, while the scratching poles are covered in natural sisal rope. The sisal rope provides a rough and satisfying surface for your cat to scratch, while also promoting healthy claws. The scratch post will provide your cat with a comfortable and safe place to scratch for years to come.

Stylish & Comfortable for Cats

The Beige Rex 2 Pole Tower Pet Scratcher Post is not only functional, but also stylish. The neutral beige color and modern design will blend in seamlessly with your home's decor. The scratch post is also comfortable for your cat to use, with a soft base that will provide cushioning as they scratch. Use this post to protect your furniture and other valuables from being clawed. It's sure to keep your cat's claws healthy and their minds sharp too! This engaging scratcher includes a hammock for your furry feline to sink into and sleep after play. Plus, they are sure to love the fluffy hanging pompom!

The Ultimate Scratch Post for Cats

Cat's instinctive need to scratch helps remove old nail sheaths from claws supporting important stretching, muscle toning and territory marking. This scratch post not only relieves stress, frustration and boredom, it positively promotes fitness by encouraging play and climbing activity. Fit, healthy and stimulated cats make happy, confident and entertaining companions.

Beige Rex 2 Pole Tower

The Rex 2 Pole Tower Pet Scratcher Post is also easy to assemble, and it comes with all the necessary hardware. It's also designed to be durable, ensuring that it will last for many years of use. Save your furniture and provide your cat with a satisfying scratching surface with the Rex 2 Pole Tower Pet Scratcher Post. Order yours today and see the difference it makes in your cat's scratching habits.

2 Pole Tower Pet Scratcher Post Features:

  • Premium quality cat scratch toy
  • It provides fun and hours of entertainment
  • Encourages good scratching behaviour
  • Relieve kitty stress and frustration
  • Keeps claws healthy
  • It helps stretch, flex, and tone a variety of muscles
  • Can hang small toys
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to clean
  • Material: Plush, MDF & Sisal 
  • Approx. product dimensions: (L) 41x (H) 48 x (W) 41cm

If you LOVE this product, pre-order it with an approx. 7-10 days lead time from receiving proof of payment. It's worth the wait!

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Beige Rex 2 Pole Tower Pet Scratcher Post (Pre-Order)
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