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What dog insurance looks like with Oneplan - 4aPet

What dog insurance looks like with Oneplan

Cover for your furry members of the family designed with your dog in mind. Here’s what you need to know about our cuddle-worthy cover.

Cover for your furry members of the family designed with your dog in mind. Here’s what you need to know about our cuddle-worthy cover.

At Oneplan we know first-hand that people LOVE their dogs and will go to great lengths to ensure their health and safety. So much so that many individuals have even incurred serious medical debts to protect their furry friends! As insurers, we are aware of this harsh reality: unexpected emergency bills for your dog definitely add up!

We look to save you so that you can save your beloved dogs. We do this by helping you avoid ridiculously high medical fees. Essentially, our Pet Insurance policy is what stands between you and thousands of Rands. As a dog owner, we encourage you to prioritise your pets healthy by opting for our comprehensive pet cover today!

Why you shouldn’t skimp out on pet insurance

We know that this lockdown period has you clutching at your wallet – refusing to open it for the foreseeable future. We get it. We understand how this pandemic may have you rethinking some of your debit orders, but this isn’t one you’ll want to skimp out on! Trust us when we say this.

In our experience, we have found that people often choose to skip on this kind of insurance coverage because they can’t imagine anything bad happening to their dogs. There are serious consequences for not choosing to take out comprehensive pet insurance. Unfortunately, much like your own health, accidents and illnesses happen at any time. It’s best to be prepared!

The consequences of opting-out of pet insurance

Any pet owner that has stepped foot into a veterinary clinic (that isn’t covered by Oneplan) will warn you that a simple visit will set you back thousands of Rands. We won’t even get into how expensive medical surgeries are for pets, but just know that it is a hefty amount. The chances of you having this amount of money just lying around are also highly unlikely.

In many cases, those that have skipped out on pet insurance have had to face the agonising decision to put their animals down because they cannot afford the medical procedure or treatment. No pet owner (or even pet) should ever have to go through this!

This is why at Oneplan, we think about the future and that starts with how we plan to prepare for it. Our comprehensive pet insurance lets you do this. Our pet policies are specifically designed to give you the power to make informed dog-care decisions. 

Time to get with the program

To our surprise, many people aren’t aware that pet insurance even exists. Many of our clients that have taken out some of our other policies are shocked when we mention that we really do have COMPREHENSIVE cover. And that this includes all family members - even our four-legged ones.

Our pet division is run by enthusiastic dog lovers that are looking to protect your furry besties. What’s better is that our cover is so simple and easy to apply for.

What is pet insurance exactly?

Oneplan pet insurance is a policy that is taken out by a pet owner. This coverage is aimed at removing the financial burdens of veterinary bills from the owner. Those bills are our worry! In many ways, this is very similar to our human health insurance plans.

This crucial monthly premium will give you peace of mind. Particularly in the event of unexpected expenses that could possibly include long-term conditions, physical therapy, ongoing treatments and necessary medication. Without this cover, you run the risk of two things: The first being serious medical debt. The second is making a decision based off of what you can afford as opposed to what’s best for your doggy.

Let’s talk benefits

1.   We pay you BEFORE you see the vet through our awesome Onecard

Our easy to use Onecard allows you to pre-load funds for Vet and Routine Visit claims (via our Oneplan App or via our call centre). It’s basically like a smart and simple debit card! Funds can be pre-loaded before visiting your veterinarian.

2.   We let you go to your vet of choice

Yes, you read that correctly. We don’t have an ‘associated vet list’ that you are forced to choose from. We give you the power to make your own decisions regarding your preferred medical professional. This means that your dog gets to stay with its favourite vet!

3.   We have amazing routine care benefits

Routine Care” means extensive preventative care for your dog. This includes voluntary sterilisation, vaccinations, deworming, flea control, anal gland expression, dental scaling and polishing and nail clipping.

4.   Easy access to your premium from the palm of your hand

Imagine the sheer convenience of being able to access your premiums at the simple click of a button? Well with Oneplan you don’t have to imagine anymore because it really is that simple. Gain access to your personal premium, policy specifics, simple invoice uploads and our insurance team through our amazing Oneplan App.

5.   Zero hassle and zero paperwork

Not only does our lack of time-consuming paperwork mean more time with your furry friend but means that you don’t have to read through jargon-heavy documents. All you really have to do is sit back, place your dog on your lap and go through one simple document – our policy wording.

Now before you roll your eyes that you have to read a legal document – remember that you are dealing with Oneplan. Now while this is still a legal document, you don’t have to panic about long insurance words or hidden terms and conditions. It’s plain, simple and easy to digest, so don’t panic. Also, if you are confused about anything, our team is more than happy to explain anything to you! 

At Oneplan we pride ourselves in having pet insurance policies that are not only incredibly easy to apply for but important to have. Our coverage will allow you to focus on what is important – like being there for your dog when they need you most! Don’t worry about any of the financial stuff – we’ll be taking care of that so you don’t have to. Simple! Yours in affordable pet insurance

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